Don't Forget Wednesday Racing Starts at 6 PM Now
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Get Involved in Sailboat Racing

You'll Have Fun

Not only will you find sailboat racing challenging, but you will have a lot of fun. Contact our Vice-Commodore by using the Contact Us page of the Lansing Sailing Club Web Site for information on how to get involved.

An Outstanding Racing Program

LSC has an outstanding racing program with lots of member involvement. On a typical Wednesday evening for example, there will be twenty sailboats participating.

Something for Everyone

We pride ourselves on having the involvement of both men and women at many skill levels. From beginner to experienced racer - you'll find friendly competition.

We Help You Get Started

No need to worry about how to get started, one of the sailors will be glad to help out. From buying a boat to learning how to rig and tune the boat to developing racing skills - someone will be there to assist - including sailing with you or alongside to provide suggestions and support while you learn. 

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