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LSC Membership, Dues, and Fees – Updated 2019

Regular Membership($475-$500)
Regular memberships are for an individual or family owning a sailboat. A Regular Membership includes the right to use the corporation property, to vote, to hold office, to engage in any or all activities, and to one assigned parking space ($500) or rack space ($475) on the property. When voting, there is only one vote per family. Where there is co-ownership of a sailboat by unmarried parties, one of the co-owners must be a Regular Member. If the other co-owner wishes to participate in activities of the Club other than Sunday racing, that co-owner needs to become an Associate Member.

Discounted regular memberships for Young Adult Members (18 to 25 years of age) for $225 for a rack space or $275 for a parking space, provided space is available.  

Regular - Senior Membership($150)

A Senior Membership is for an individual (including his or her family) who has reached the age of sixty and has been a member in good standing for at least fifteen years. Senior Members have all the privileges of a Regular Member with two exceptions:

1. Senior Members are not entitled to store or launch a boat from the Club property.
2. Senior Members are not entitled to an assigned parking space.

Senior Members are not required to perform Docks-In and Docks-Out duties but must meet Race Commitee and Deck Duty obligations.

Regular - Lake Membership ($350)

A Lake Membership is for an individual or family that owns a sailboat and owns property on Lake Lansing. Lake Members enjoy all benefits of a Regular Membership except the right to an assigned parking space at the Club.

Associate Membership ($225)

Associate memberships are for an individual or family interested in sailing and for those in the process of selecting a sailboat. Also, a Regular Member who no longer owns a boat may be accepted as an Associate Member. Associate members may attend general membership meetings and engage in any and all activities - including use of Club Boats. Also, Associate members do not vote, hold office, bring their own boat to the Club (except for the Kayak-Canoe Associate Membership as specified below) or have a designated parking space.

Donor Associate Membership ($175)

An individual or family that donates a boat to the Club is entitled to a reduced cost Associate Membership. The Board of Directors must approve the boat being donated and the duration of the Donor Associate Membership. When the period of Donor Associate Membership has expired, the individual or family may continue an Associate Membership at the full Associate Membership amount.

Kayak-Canoe Associate Membership ($225)

Kayakers and canoeists can have easy access to Lake Lansing and the use of LSC facilities with our Kayak-Canoe Associate Membership, which allows the member to launch their canoe or kayak on the property. Kayak-Canoe associates can also elect to keep their canoe or kayaks on racks at the club for an additional fee (see fee schedule below). With this membership, the person can also participate in LSC "Learn to Sail" classes, use Club owned sailboats and participate in other Club activities.

Winter Associate Membership ($225)

Individuals wishing to store their boat at the Lansing Sailing Club during the winter months can do so with a Winter Associate Membership.

Fees (updated 2019)

Additional Rack space, if available ($60)
Additional parking space, if available ($225)
Late Fee ($25)
Carrying Charge for Installment Payments ($25)



1. New members accepted after August 1 pay one half the regular membership amount during their initial year of membership. There is no proration for other membership types.

2. Priority will be given to members with fleet boats, including Lightnings, Wayfarers, Sunfish, and Lasers, when determining membership and in the assignment of parking and rack spaces.

3. Regular members can elect to pay their dues in two payments by paying half on or before February 10th and the remainder on or before May 1st along with a $25 carrying charge. Installment payments are not available for Associate Members.

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