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Annual Lansing Sailing Club Awards

Each year the Lansing Sailing Club recognizes special accomplishments or memorializes humorous events through awards. Here is a list of recent award recipients.

Ron Wilson Award
Established in 1996, this award recognizes a club member that most demonstrates the club dedication, active racing participation and enthusiasm for sailing exemplified by our late friend and longtime club member Ron Wilson. By tradition, the recipient is selected by the previous winners, with the previous award winner making the presentation at the Annual Awards Banquet.
2007 Jim and Maribeth Fletcher
2006 Not Awarded
2005 Pat Dolan
2004 Doug Carlson
2003 Ann Siegle
2002 Not Awarded
2001 Gil Chesbro
2000 Jane Marshall
1999 Alanna Harvey
1998 Pat Dolan
1997 Mike Moody
1996 Larry Koster

Commodore's Award
Established in 1997, this award is given periodically by the Commodore at the annual awards banquet to recognize special contributions to the club by members.

2001 Larry Koster - for his many contributions to the Lansing Sailing Club. In giving Larry the "Commodore's Award", noted particularly his willingness to respond whenever asked, his creation of a special flag system for implementing the new starting sequence required in the Racing Rules of Sailing thru 2004, and his help with our "Discover Sailboat Racing" classes.
1999 George and Ann Siegle - for their leadership on special projects including design of a new logo, developing a community relations program, repairing the club’s sunfish and providing graphics assistance on awards.
1999 The Harrison Family - for their extensive family involvement in club activities and contributions to the club.
1997 Fred Hull and Terry Kleiman - for the dedicated leadership and time in building a new roof for the clubhouse.
Junior Sailor of the Year
Established in 1999, this award is made periodically to recognize the junior sailor that most demonstrates service to the club, active racing participation and enthusiasm for sailing.
2007 Austin Holden & Tristan Eggenberger
2006 Matt Hurth
2005 Chris Miller
2004 Doug Crawford
1999 Laura Harvey

Jane Marshall Wet Bottom Award
Given by the Lightning Fleet for the crew that goes all out...but not necessarily out of the boat. Named in 2004 in honor of Jane Marshall, whose dedication to crewing is unmatched.

2007 Scott Watkins
2006 Alanna Harvey
2005 Susanna Tellschow
2004 Jane Marshall
2003 Bob Hill
1998 Ken Knight

Crew of the Year
Given by the Lightning Fleet to a fleet sailor who has crewed with special distinction.

2007 Gil Chesbro and Bob Miller
2006 Gil Chesbro
2005 Gil Chesbro and Scott Watkins
2004 Bob Miller
2003 Gil Chesbro and Scott Watkins
2002 Gil Chesbro

Rookie Crew of the Year
Given by the Lightning Fleet to the first year crew member seen as most outstanding.

2007 John Kolstoe
2006 Michael-Salomon Jost
2005 Jamie Rasmussen
2004 Susanna Tellschow
2003 Lisa Winters and Lori Katz
2000 Stacy Kotecki

Rookie Skipper of the Year
Given by the Lightning Fleet the first year skipper seen as most outstanding.

2006 Jonathon Ahlbrand

Junior Sunfish Skipper
Given by the Sunfish Fleet to recognize an outstanding Junior Sunfish skipper.

2007 Thomas Jost

Most Improved Sunfish Skipper
Given by the Sunfish Fleet to the skipper that improved the most from the first ten races of the season to the last ten races of the season.

2006 Dennis Dudley

Most Improved Lightning Skipper
Given by the Lightning Fleet to the skipper believed to have improved the most from the previous year.

2007 Susanna Tellschow
2006 Larry Koster

Challenger Division Champion
Initiated in 2006, this award is given by the Lightning Fleet to the skipper that finishes highest in the full season, excluding those skippers that have previously won the Challenger Division or those skippers that have finished in the top 30% (rounded up) of the fleet with the past five years.

2007 Susanna Tellschow
2006 Merrick Hurlbutt

Corinthian Award
A Lightning Fleet award presented annually to the skipper who most actively advances the interests of the Lansing Lightning Fleet. This sailor’s actions help grow competition and improve the size and quality of the fleet. He or she demonstrates broad interest in Lightning racing sailing through club racing, participation in regattas, exemplary sportsmanship, service, or helping others to improve their skills.

2007 Mike Moody
2006 Jim Fletcher
2005 Larry Koster
2004 John LeFevre
2003 Terry Kleiman

Lightning Fleet #387 - Ye Old Silver Platter
Best in Fleet 387 at the Fleet 387 "Tune Up" Regatta

1966 thru 1969
1966 Anton DeKok 1968 Anton DeKok
1967 Anton DeKok 1969 Herb Cox
1970 thru 1979
1970 Herb Cox 1975 Fred Hurlbutt
1971 Anton DeKok 1976 Bob Hill
1972 Ray Yerkie 1977 Ray Yerkie
1973 Bob Hill 1978 Bob Hill
1974 Anton DeKok 1979 Mike Harvey
1980 thru 1989
1980 Dennis Dudley 1985 Mike Caterino
1981 Bob Hill 1986 J. Holtkamp
1982 Bob Hill 1987 Mike Caterino
1983 Dennis Dudley - Bob Hill (Tie) 1988 Bob Klimek
1984 Mike Caterino 1989 Alan Becke
1990 thru 1999
1990 Larry Koster 1995 Larry Koster
1991 Jim Fletcher 1996 Larry Koster
1992 Terry Kleiman 1997 Larry Koster
1993 Chris Marzke 1998 Matt Dahline
1994 Larry Koster 1999 Matt Dahline
2000 thru 2009
2000 Pat Dolan 2005 George Siegle
2001 Pat dolan 2006 Blaine Severin
2002 Pat Dolan 2007 Pat Dolan
2003 George Siegle 2008 Pat Dolan
2004 George Siegle    

Retired Awards

Jon C. Stoval Perpetual Peculiar Award (Retired after the 2004 season)
A perpetual award given at the annual awards banquet to a sailor for demonstrating a particularly unique act during the sailing season. The award must be prominently displayed at all times and each recipient must give something back to the award by adding a memento to it.
2004 Larry Koster - for special crew work involving the launching of "Bananas" at the Michigan District Lightning Championship which saw the lifting bridle give way. Also, for his insistence on a hiking strap being installed in the boat which Jim Fletcher saw Larry trip over four times and use not at all.
2003 Jim Fletcher
1998 Dennis Dudley - for falling out of and avoiding being run over by the “crash boat” while serving on the race committee at the Laser Regatta.

Flying Wedge Award
(Retired after the 2005 Season)
A perpetual award given at the annual awards banquet to the sailor whose racing at one or more points during the season would cause an on-looker to think of football’s infamous heads-down-full-speed-ahead flying wedge play. The previous year’s winner is responsible for determining the next winner and for making the award.

Previous Winners

2005 Blaine Severin and Tom Deits - for tying a perfect bowline, but not to the dock - permitting "Unidentified Flying Pigasus" to sail off on her own.
2004 Merrick Hurlbutt - for being the port boat in a T-boning incident none of the six sailors saw coming.
2003 Merrick Hurlbutt - for the most creative docking of a sailboat seen in many years.
2001 Don Baron
2000 Laura Harvey
1999 Blain Severin - for capsizing with the accidental result that his mast hit another sailor.
1998 Mike Moody - for unintentionally T-boning a fellow Lightning racer.

Silver Seagull Award (Retired after 1998 Season)

1998 Laura Harvey - for exhibiting grace under pressure when she skippered in a high wind Lightning evening even though she was uncomfortable being out there.
1997 Gil Chesbro 

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