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2019 Junior Program Details 


LSC currently has 4 weeks of Junior Sailing Camp planned for 2019. Each camp will be one week long and run from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm each day. Four sessions are available:

Week of June 17

Week of June 24

Week of July 8

Week of July 15




Head Instructor, Drew Kovalchick - Drew just graduated from ELHS & has been sailing for seven years. He started iin the junior sailing program and now sails with the high school sail team, races with LSC, has frequently served with the race committee, and has worked as an assistant instructor for the junior sail program for the past two years.

Jo McGlew
, in recent years Jo has been competitively sailing in Laser, Lightning and J70 classes. Jo is US Sailing Certified and First Aid & CPR certified.

Maribeth Fletcher, competes in the Sunfish and Wayfarer classes and has sailed Flying Scots to Flying Dutchman and MC Scows. Maribeth is US Sailing Certified and CPR Certified. 


Email our Junior Sailing Program Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get more information. To sign up, click here.


Answers to some often asked questions:

Campers on the waterCan a Junior Sailor participate in more than one camp?

Yes. More info below.

Who can participate?

Open to boys and girls who will be going into grades 5 through 12.

What is the Junior Sailing Program? 

We teach boys and girls how to sail in our Learn to Sail I program. Junior sailors will learn how to sail a small boat by themselves. Those who already know how to sail will go into the Learn to Sail II program to build on their skills and sailing confidence. Most sailors will start sailing in a Sunfish. For Junior Sailors who are ready, there are some Lasers available.

We emphasize safe sailing and having fun as well as developing good sailing skills.

Where is the Program run? 

The program is held at the Lansing Sailing Club and on the waters of Lake Lansing. The Lansing Sailing Club is at 6039 E. Lake Drive, Haslett, MI, on the east side of Lake Lansing.

Junior Sailing 3Instructors and Coaches 

Instruction and coaching is provided under the direction of US Sailing Certified Instructors. The instructors and coaches enjoy working with junior sailors, love to sail and have years of experience sailing a wide range of sailing craft and usually have extensive sailboat racing experience as well.


Sunfish sailboats are typically used for the Learn to Sail programs. We prefer that Junior Sailors sail a boat owned by their family. However, we recognize that many families don't know if they want to have a boat until they have some experience with sailing. In these situations, the Lansing Sailing Club provides a boat for the sailor to use. There is a modest fee for using a Lansing Sailing Club Boat to help defray the costs of equipment repair and replacement.

After a year or so of participation in Junior Sailing, we encourage families to obtain their own boat if they don't already have one.

Working on upwind skillsWhat to Bring

Here is a checklist of what to wear and bring daily:

  • Junior sailors should wear their swimming suits and expect to get wet. Among other things, we teach juniors how to recover from a capsize.
  • Wear closed toed footwear with white soles (dark soles leave marks on the boats).
  • NO flip-flops on boats or grounds.
  • A water bottle.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Eyeglass holders if the sailor wears glasses (glasses are very easily lost in the lake).
  • A cap clip if the sailor wears a cap (they only float for a short period of time).
  • A life jacket (the Lansing Sailing Club has life jackets available for those who do not have their own).
  • A whistle with lanyard (attach to life jacket).
  • A towel and change of clothing so you can go home in dry clothes.
  • Remember to dress appropriately for the weather conditions and note that it is always cooler on the water. We sail in light rain and cool weather, but not during thunderstorms - so bring the appropriate rain gear if necessary.
  • Sailing gloves are strongly recommended.

Click on "Info for Guests" in the left hand column for more information.

Registration for Camps 

Register by contacting our Junior Sailing Director. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email the Director. After the Director verifies adequate space via email, please print & complete the Application & Waivers forms below. All applications, forms/waivers & fees will be collected at the Parent Orientation on the first day of camp.

Exercising ControlCosts

For families that are already members of the Lansing Sailing Club:
   First Camper – No instruction fee, but a $50 boat fee.
   Additional Campers - $150 instruction fee and a $50 boat fee each.

For families that are not currently members:
   First Camper - $225 membership and instruction fee and a $50 boat fee.
   Additional Campers - $150 instruction fee and a $50 boat fee each.

Campers wishing to participate in additional camps - $100 instruction fee (there is no boat fee for additional camps).

The boat fee is waived if the family provides its own boat (Opti, Sunfish or Laser, depending on the sailing level).

For families that are not already members, the Instruction Fee includes an Associate Membership for the balance of the sailing season so that the Junior sailor and other family members can participate in activities at the Lansing Sailing Club. This also entitles the Junior Sailor to use Club sailboats with an adult present.

Lansing Sailing Club Certification

As part of the Junior Sailing Program, the Junior Sailors work toward earning Sailing Certificates. Proper certification permits a Junior Sailor to sail a Club Sailboat by herself or himself in conditions authorized by the certification, with the supervision of an Adult who is also a sailor. For example, a Junior Sailor who has earned both the Level 1 Certificate and a Sunfish Certificate can sail a Club Sunfish in light winds (up to 8 mph) near the Sailing Club as long as an adult who sails is capable of rendering assistance if necessary is monitoring from the shore. 

Click on the list of certificates in the right column for more information.

US Sailing Certification

For those sailors wishing to earn US Sailing Small Boat Certification, LSC has instructors who are qualified to test and sign-off on requirements. US Sailing charges a modest fee to register this certification and the fee includes a year of membership in US Sailing.

Off-line Options

It is preferred that you register and pay online - if you cannot register and pay online, you must first email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register, and email or hand-in the two forms below with your payment:

  • Parents Consent and Waiver of Liability forms Click Here
  • Lansing Sailing Club Membership Application form Click Here


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email the Junior Sailing for more information.