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Ingham County Fairgrounds 
Storage for RV's, campers, 5th wheels, motor homes, boats and cars. Call 517-676-2428. Information is available on the fairgrounds web site by clicking the title. In the past, those using this storage facility must bring the item to be stored at a specific time on a specific date - be sure to check on requirements.

Livingston County Fairgrounds 
Boat storage is available. Click on the title for the fairgrounds web site - then click the "Winter Storage" button.

Fiberglass Specialists 
Have you been ignoring fiberglass repair, rigging repair or upgrades, minor canvas repairs for your Lightning or Laser? Fiberglass Specialsts with over 20 years experience, can do all of these for you. Your Winter storage needs can be met at the same time, with shrink wrap outside storage. So don't put off those repairs any longer and be caught scraping your cars windows this Winter, because the boat is in the garage. Have the problems fixed over the Winter and save 10% on labor and have your boat ready to race in the spring. Call ahead and get a quote on your repair or storage needs.  Inside storage for Lasers available on a limited basis. Fiberglass Specialists - 1107 W. Grand Blanc Rd - Grand Blanc, MI 48439 - Phone 810-235-0473

Bee's - Shrink Wrapping and Boat Storage. 2138 S. US-27 St. Johns, MI 48879. Phone: 1-800-BEES-720. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.