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A great thing about sailing is that there is always more to learn. 

Getting started in Sailing is easy at the Lansing Sailing Club. For adults, our Adult Learn to Sail Program gets you on the water sailing your own boat very quickly. For Juniors, one of the Junior Sailing Program will have you sailing right away. Some of the basics covered in these programs are more fully explained in topics found in the Sailing Basics box on the right.

Click here for the LSC Sunfish Manual, a guide to the use of Sunfish Sailboats Owned by the Lansing Sailing Club. For information on the use of the Sunfish Boom Sling, click here.

Want to learn to race? Click here for an excellent primer.

Crewing and want to improve your knowledge? Try some of the articles under "Advanced Crewing".

Those wanting more advanced information will find plenty of on-line resources. We list a few below to get you started.

Advanced Topics 

Looking for Perfect Sail Shape
An extensive discussion of sail shape and aerodynamics - from the WB Sails web site.

How do Sails Work? - by Paul Bogataj
An explanation of how wind and sails combine to move a boat - from the North Sails web site.

Telling Tales
Information from WB-Sails (Helsinki, Finland) on using telltales for sail trim and steering. Includes suggestions for material to use and where to locate telltales.

Winning on Lakes - By Mark Spicknall
This outstanding presentation, made to the Lansing Sailing Club by Mark Spicknall in 2001, prioritizes the variables in Lake racing - and explains each variable. This Presentation is in PDF format.

Boat Handling in Velocity Headers
Email exchanged between LSC and award winning sailor Mark Spicknall discussing what to do in a velocity header upwind and downwind - formatted as a dialogue. Sailing and Racing Tips and Lessons
Great stuff from the Junior Sailing Association of Long Island Sound. Includes Rules, Tactics, Boathandling and Tuning, Navagation and Maintenance. Click on "Lessons and Tips".

Sailing Technology Resources
Sailboat offers a wealth of technology resources to the sailboat design and research community. Its main objective is to enhance knowledge and promote communication among yacht designers, naval architects, sailmakers, researchers, students and sailors. It features the first and only online References Database on sailboat technology including more that 1,000 references from journals, conferences, theses, magazines, etc.; forums, to discuss technical matters; a Glossary of technical terms; a calendar of Conferences; links to free oftware and online Articles.

Sail Theory
A site that tries to stimulate better theories of sailing. This site also advocates that some of the popular theories (which as the "wing" theory) are wrong. Sail Twist
A detailed discussion of sail twist.

Online Training from US Sailing
US Sailing offers online training including online versions of their Keelboat course and Cruising course.

Points of Sail - National Geographic Sailing Simulator
National Geographic explanation of points of sail with interactive ability to steer boat and adjust mainsail trim and see the impact on boat speed when the point of sail is changed and trim is modified.

Physics of Sailing
How can a boat sail upwind? How can boats sail faster than the wind? This explanation of the physics of sailing by Joe Wolfe of the University of New South Wales provides the answers.