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Types of Gloves

Sailing Gloves typically come in four versions: Full Finger, Three Finger, Fingerless (sometimes called 3/4 finger or half-finger) and Insulated.


Full Finger Glove 
(fingers and thumb fully covered)
Three Finger Glove
(thumbtip and first fingertip are exposed)
(thumbtip and all fingertips are exposed)
Foul Weather Glove
(full finger protection and insulation)


All sailing gloves provide protection for hands for handling lines, with padding in the palm area. This helps avoid rope burn and aids in firmly gripping the line. The full finger glove is a three season glove, helping keep hands warm in colder weather. Three finger gloves leave the thumbtip and first fingertip exposed so that it is easier to perform actions that require thumb and first finger be exposed, such as threading a ring-ding. Fingerless gloves provide more "air conditioning" while still providing protection in the gripping area of the hand. Foul weather gloves are insulated for use in extreme weather conditions.


For summer sailing on Lake Lansing, most LSC members use fingerless or three finger gloves.

Where to Buy Gloves

In the Lansing area, West Marine (2840 E. Saginaw - near Frandor 517-485-2406) usually has several types of gloves in a variety of sizes. Gloves can also be ordered from a variety of sources with delivery in several days. Some of these sources are: 
   Annapolis Performance Sailing ( or 800-729-9767)
   Avon Sailboats in Rochester, MI ( or 248-852-2211)
   Layline ( or 800-542-5463)
   Sailrite ( or 800.348.2769)


In 2013, the cost of gloves typically ranges from $6 to $45, depending on the type of glove and source.


Most sailing glove manufacturers have both women's and men's gloves. For help with sizing, check out APS's chart at :

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