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Calendar Overview

An overview of the LSC Calendar appears in the right hand column on the home page of the website. Days that have events are shown in blue. By holding the cursor over a blue day, the events for that day are summarized. By clicking on the summary, a large calendar is displayed showing all the events for that day and, using a menu at the top of the calendar, providing additional features.


At the top of the large calendar is a menu of choices:

  • Left arrow: changes to the previous month, week or day
  • Right arrow changes to the next month, week or day
  • Today: jumps to today's calendar listing
  • Jump: displays a popup calendar permitting the selection of any day for display
  • Print: displays a monthly calendar suitable for printing
  • Month: displays a monthly calendar
  • Week: displays a weekly calendar
  • Day: displays a daily calendar
  • List: displays events in list format beginning with the first day on the display

 Additional Event Features

By clicking on an event, a popup window is displayed with details for that event and additional features:

  • If a location has been set, a google map is displayed showing the location on the map. By clicking on the Google name (lower left corner), Google map withs "Get Directions" capabilities are displayed in a new window.
  • Copy: If you have a Google Calendar, you can copy the event to your Google Calendar. If you use outlook, you can copy the event to your Outlook Calendar.