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Looking for a great Sailing Gift - Give the Gift of Sailing


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When you want to give a gift for a special occasion or holiday...

For $200 (2017 Rate for one person), your gift will include:

  • Sailing lessons (usually in Lightning, Wayfarers, Sunfish or Lasers) 
  • Use of Lansing Sailing Club sailboats for the remainder of the season on a first come - first sail basis, after completion of sailing certification (classes).
  • The opportunity to sail Lightnings, Wayfarers, Sunfish or Lasers owned by the Lansing Sailing Club
  • Use of Lansing Sailing Club facilities for swimming and picnicing during the sailing season
  • Participation in Club activities such as Holiday family outings and moonlight sails
  • Learning how to crew on a racing sailboat

Note: Junior Sailing Camp gifts, Canoe/Kayak Membership gifts and Two Person (Family) Learn to Sail gifts are also available. More information in the flyer - or contact us for more information.

To Give the Gift of Sailing, just follow these easy steps:
1 - Click here for a "Give the Gift of Sailing" Flyer
2 - Print the Flyer
3 - Fill out Form and Gift Card
4 - Cut Flyer on the Dotted Line
5 - Mail Form and Check to the Lansing Sailing Club
Note: the flyer may have an old rate on it. If in doubt, contact the Membership Director (see below) 

Instructions on where to mail the form are on the flyer.

For more information, contact the Lansing Sailing Club by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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