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Lansing Sailing Club
LSC Laser Regatta 2015
August 22,  2015

Note: Click Here for the Regatta Report as a pdf file including complete results. Click Here for more than 200 pictures of the event taken by LSC Photographer Stephen Wagner. Click Here for aerial video of the regatta taken by Sean Fidler.

August 22, 2015: Light and shifty winds welcomed 24 sailors from around the state of Michigan to Lake Lansing for the 2015 Annual Lansing Sailing Club District 19 Laser Regatta. After a short delay the fleet got on the lake with 5mph winds from the south with the fleet sailing Olympic courses. Chad Coberly from East Grand Rapids, MI started the regatta with a first place finish and held on winning the regatta with 10 points. This was Chad’s second LSC Laser Regatta championship. Ken Swetka from St. Clair Shores, MI and also the 2011 regatta champion finished 1st in the second race and went on to finish 2nd for the day. Doug Carlson, a LSC member from Okemos, MI rounded out the top finishers in 3rd place. All three top finishers were within 3 points of each other making this one of the closest LSC regatta ever.

There was special recognition this year for the six Junior competitors. Conner Goulet from East Grand Rapids, MI topped the group finishing 6th overall in the regatta. Ben Lilly also from East Grand Rapids finished 12th to take the second Junior spot.

The light and shifty winds that created challenges for the racers kept the race committee on their toes too. For a second year in a row Gil Chesbro led the Race Committee supported by LSC members Larry Koster, Andrew Eriksen, Alanna Harvey and Stephen Wagner. The entire team did a great job keeping the races moving and enabled the fleet to sail the scheduled six races.

Once back on shore and while the big grills were being fired up, regatta awards were presented and the door prizes provided by Avon Sailboats of Rochester, MI were passed out to the lucky ticket holders. Then it was time for the LSC regatta traditional “you cook-it” BBQ which gave everyone an opportunity to discuss all the on the water activities and that shift that never filled in that would have made the difference... Everyone enjoyed huge steaks, chicken breasts, corn on the cob and all the fixings. No one left the regatta hungry! The BBQ was made possible because of a lot of time by LSC members Brenda Maynard and Julie Pierce who picked up all the food and prepared the entire layout.

As always the regatta was supported by many LSC members before and during the race day that helped getting the facilities ready for hosting this annual event. Everyone appreciated our regatta sponsors especially Avon Sailboats for the many door prizes provide that helped make this regatta a little extra special event for everyone that attended.

Visit the Lansing Sailing Club website for complete race results and our Flickr site to view over 200+ pictures of the event taken by LSC Photographer Stephen Wagner. To view the aerial video taken by Sean Fidler . Thank you to all our participants. Without you we could not have had such a fun day!