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Wednesday, December 9, 2015. It was a historic day at the Lansing Sailing Club as our new Sail Shed arrived this morning. 

Doug Carlson, John McEnHill and Pat Dolan were on hand when the rumble of a big tractor was heard. The new shed had arrived. We wondered for a moment if it would fit through the gate, but the tractor driver made it look easy - even with an obstacle course of boats and spars to negotiate.

New Shed Arrives Will It Make It Yes Barely

The driver pulled past the location for the new Shed and then nicely backed it into place. The capabilities of the trailer were amazing. The crew slid the Shed off and as they did this they put one corner exactly in place. The trailer had a device that then moved the other end of the Shed into its proper location. They could have had a pin in the ground and set the corner on it.

Doug had the honor of taking the key and opening the shed for the first time.

Backed Into Place Taken Off the Trailer Doug Opens Shed

 The new Sail Shed has windows, so it is nice and bright in side - even on an overcast day. The crew removed bracing put inside the shed for travelling, John did paperwork to take possession and we stood back to admire it. Olav Messerschmidt, under whose Commodoreship the shed project came to fruition, made a special trip out to join in checking it out.

Plenty of Natural Light John Finishes Paperwork New Shed in Place

There is much to do yet before the shed is complete. We need to design and create a storage system, install a hasp with one of our combination locks, clips to hold the doors open, do some landscaping, consider whether a ramp or step will be needed and a few other things.

We also need to finish off the excavating work, plant grass seed, and so on. There will be some muddy spots for a while, but, it is a big step forward. Thanks for everyone's hard work, living with inconvenience and patience as we complete this project.