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Young v Old on July 4By Larry Koster. The Lansing Sailing Club celebrated the 4th of July with many former members joining the picnic. Brats and hotdogs were furnished by the club and grilled by Pat Miller. Members and guests brought a dish to pass and there was a lot of great food. 

The club house was properly decorated for Independence Day with a pair of patriotic buntings on the east and west upper beams of the club house. Red, white and blue narrow ribbons were attached to the railings of the deck. Former member, Kathleen Brazil, guest Carol Ray and member Judy Loescher made the ribbons. Most of these decorations and candle holders for the tables were furnished by Brenda Maynard, one of LSC's newest members. Jim Fletcher, a former commodore, was the gopher guy for getting more plates, brats and dogs. Jim also organized a volley ball game… 

Colorful nautical signal flags were stretched across the bottom of the north side truss. Walt DeGruyter, a former commodore and member since 1964, provided regatta pennants for the Flying Dutchman, Nipper and Teal classes of sail boats that were tacked above the door to the kitchen. Several of the former members showed up after an article appeared in the Lansing State Journal. Marlene Braxton, wife of the first commodore, Thomas Braxton, came with her daughters Mary Keating, husband Reidar, and Becky Feldpausch, husband Pat, and their families. Commodore Braxton, now deceased, was very much involved in getting the club formed, when the site was nothing more than the edge of a swamp. Betty Spicknall, a commodore in the early 80s, came with her son Mark and daughter, Barbara.  

Mark, now living in Mobile, Alabama, is one of the best young sailors to come out of the Lansing Sailing Club. (The other would be Dave Kashy) He graduated as a naval architect from the U of M, taught there, and has been with various ship building firms.  At present: The Mobile shipyard is "BAE Systems Southeast Shipyard." Some of Mark’s accomplishments:

  • 6th at the 1979 Sunfish North American Championship.
  • Participant in 1980 Sunfish World Championship in Aruba (finished 78th out of 103).
  • 1980's many top finishes in Laser, 5o5, J24, and big boats on the Chesapeake Bay and nationally.
  • 1997 and 1999 Snipe Masters National Champion sailing with Terry Timm.
  • 3rd place overall and top US team at 2000 Snipe Masters World Championship in Denmark sailing with Terry Timm.
  • Winner of the 1990 Lansing Sailing Club Lightning regatta.

Former members of the late 80s, Mike and Marti Caterino joined the picnic. Mike sailed a Laser Wednesday nights, he and Marti were Lightning fleet champs for several years (Marti's comments back in those days, "I don't do spinnakers and I don’t do windows!) Former commodore in the mid-80s, Don McRae, now of Erie, PA, with wife Chris were met and greeted by Olav Messerschmidt, the present commodore. Other former members were Jerry and Kathleen Brazil, Larry and Virginia BaumanNew and prospective members also attended the picnic.