Serving on Race Committee

Click Here to see the Race Committee Calendar

Note: Click here to eMail Race Committee date selection info to the Vice-Commodore .

Signing Up for Race Committee Duty

Like last year, Vice-Commodore Jonathan Ahlbrand will be using a private Google Calendar to manage the Race Committee Duty Roster. Click here for the calendar.

On the calendar Jonathan has marked all Racing days as well as Regattas, Holidays, and other events through the end of the season. Race Committee duties will be fulfilled on either a Sunday afternoon or Wednesday evening. As a reminder, racing happens on Sundays Noon to 3pm and Wednesdays 6-9pm (weather permitting).

as in the past, we have 2 paid race committee workers that will be running the races this season. While these are highly competent high school students (seniors graduating this spring), it takes a minimum of 2 people to run the committee boat, start and score the races and there will be days when one or the other will not be available.

From a safety and responsibility perspective, adult club members are necessary to be responsible for a variety of tasks including adjusting the mark settings, staffing the safety boat, rescuing capsized boats and more (defined in the race committee duty guide). In short, we all need to serve our race committee duty.

Signing Up

Please look at the calendar closely. On any race day, you will either see a name of someone that has already signed up for their duty or the words OPEN RC.

OPEN RC are of course the dates that need to be filled. Please select 2 dates (primary and alternative) and e-mail your selections to Jonathan ASAP but no later than May 1st. Jonathan will update the calendar in the order in which he receives the e-mails and will strive to accommodate all requests.

After May 2nd, any empty dates will be assigned to those who did not respond on time and it will be the responsibility of that person to either be there on the appropriate assigned date or find another club member that is willing to trade dates.

The Race Committee Manual

The Lansing Sailing Club has a comprehensive guide to help Race Committee members prepare for and serve on a Race Committee. Click here to see the manual.

Forms Used By Race Committees

Several forms are used by Sunday Race Committees. One is used to record results, another to prepare for transmitting data to the local media. In addition there is a Captain's Checklist to help the Committee double check that it has completed all the tasks necessary. There should be forms available in the Race Committee Supply Box - but if additional forms are needed, they can be printed from one of the following sources.

     Captain's Checklist for Sunday Race Committee Duty

     Record Sunday Results

     Report Sunday Results to State Journal

     Record Wednesday Evening Results

     Report Wednesday Results to State Journal

Problems Being Able to Serve On Race Committee Duty

Service on a Race Committee is one of the duty obligations of Membership in the Lansing Sailing Club. Click here for a copy of the duty policy which contains information on what a member should do if there is a problem meeting this duty obligation.

Regatta Pro-Start Manual

Using the Regatta Pro-Start

Regatta Pro-Start was a new piece of Race Committee equipment in 2003. It is an automatic starting horn that relieves the Race Committee of the task of keeping time for blowing horns or whistles. Click the graphic to the left for instructions on how to use this equipment. These Instructions are a PDF file.