Sailing Resources and Info

Info for LSC Guests

Suggestions for LSC guests on what to bring and wear, where to park, and other information to help you have a great time when you come to sail with us.

Buying a Sailboat

A short article to help you decide what kind of sailboat to buy.


Items for sale.

Sailing Periodicals

A list of popular sailing periodicals with links to their web sites and information on how to subscribe.

Sailing Supplies - Local, Catalog and Web

Sources of sailing supplies in the Lansing, Michigan area as well as through catalogs and on the web.

Sailing Gloves

Types of Gloves and where to get them.

Sailboat Repair

Where to go in the Lansing, Michigan area for sailboat repairs.

Lightning Resources

Resources available for Lightnings including help in buying a Lightning.

Laser Resources

Resources for Laser owners.

Optimist Resources

Resources for Optimist owners.

Sails and Sail Repair

Sources Lansing area sailors tend to use when purchasing sails or when needing repair work on sails.

Storage, Lifts and Docks

Lifts, Docks and Facilities available for off-season sailboat storage.

Sunfish Parts Locator

Detailed listing of Sunfish parts with illustrations.

Sunfish Riging Manual

Complete Sunfish rigging manual from the Manufacturer

Trailers and Dollies

Sources for trailers, dollies and trailer repair work.

DN Iceboat Supplies

WISCONSIN ICEBOAT SPECIALTIES, Dave's Machining, L.P. 3yeadons@charter.netWe make and customize iceboat parts. DN and others with specifications and dimensions. We have a parts list available upon request. Parts are per Sarn's specs. We have been making machined parts for iceboats for 7 years in a small garage machine shop for members of the Four Lakes Club and others and also providing parts at the Williams Bay Swap Meet each fall in Williams Bay, WI. Please contact us for more information.