2008 Lake Lansing
Sunfish Regatta Results
Saturday, June 7

Skipper Tot
Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6
1Dan Norton511111(1)
2Rob Stephenson132324(4)2
3Steve Kraft166(8)3223
4John Fishbeck194263(9)4
5Dave Travis21355(10)35
6Dennis Dudley33564(11)810
7Neil Harrision33(8)77757
8 Jonathan Ahlbrand 3810496(11)9
9Blaine Severin401111(11)576
10Paul Davis41910(10)868
11Alanna Harvey43798910(DNF)

Results in parentheses are throwouts.

Ah, the Mighty Wind Gods of Loch Lansing don't always blow ill - just most of the time. But on this fine Saturday they were kind to the eleven Sunfish sailors (4 out-of-towners and 7 LSC) who took to the lovely waters of Lake Lansing for the 2008 running of the LSC Sunfish Regatta. 'Twas a fine sailing day, with warm, sunny weather and - breeze!

Races 1 through 3, before the lunch break, provided pleasant 8-12 mph breezes, albeit with those wild 'n crazy shifts that we're infamous for. Kept all the skippers on their toes! Dan Norton made it pretty clear from the outset how the day was going to proceed, as he nailed bullets in all three races. Sunfish newcomer Rob Stephenson (but not new to small sailboat racing, as he has, and continues to, race Lasers - you know, those other small boats) showed his stuff quite nicely, with two seconds and a third to show for the morning's efforts. Usually strong competitor Steve Kraft struggled, however, managing only a third, sixth and an eighth. This left the remaining sailors, mostly LSCers, to duke it out amongst themselves. John Fishbeck managed a respectable fourth, second and sixth, while Dennis Dudley posted a fifth, sixth and fourth.

Following the lunch break the Sunfishers headed back out to discover that the wind has freshened noticably. Races 5 and 6 saw 12-15 mph with higher gusts, and many of those intrepid Sunfish sailors who were out for the season's first sail found themselves working harder than they really had intended. While the breeze abated somewhat by the sixth race, it still held up and concluded an excellent day of sailing. Dan continued his trend for the morning, taking all three of the afternoon's races as well - not much doubt here about who walked away with the regatta. Rob Stephenson didn't do quite as well as he had in the morning, but still pulled out a second and two respectable fourths, which was good enough to claim second overall for the series. Steve Kraft got it together following what must have been a rejuvinating lunch, claiming two seconds and a third, jumping him up to third overall for the regatta.

LSC's own perennial fumbler of Sunfishes, John Fishbeck, managed to finish fourth overall, claiming top LSC finisher position, with a third, a foruth, and a - ummm, ninth? (don't ask him about that fifth race) in the afternoon's races. Thank god for throwouts! Dennis Dudley and Neil Harrison tied on points behind Fishbeck, with the nod going to Dennis on the tie breaker.

LSC sailor Blaine Severin ventured into a Sunfish for the first time. He struggled in the morning races trying to discover the secrets of this quirky little boat, trailing the rest of the fleet to the finish line, but came back in the afternoon's races to take a worthy fifth, sixth and seventh.

Dan Norton, who narrowly beat out Derrick Fries in last year's regatta, took his second consecutive LSC Sunfish Regatta victory with this season's event. Well sailed, Dan - congratulations!

And a special tip o' the hat to Blaine Severin and Michigan Brewing Company, located in nearby Webberville. Blaine managed to persuade MBC to part with several cases of their fine, golden, and very tasty adult beverages. What could be finer? A warm, sunny day of fine sailing with good breezes and wonderful, cold, locally crafted microbrews to boot? All in all, we'll call this one a big success.