2007 Lake Lansing
Sunfish Regatta Results
Saturday, June 2

Skipper Tot
Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4
1Dan Norton82213
2Derrick Fries91125
3Jim Fletcher155451
4Gail Turluck154344
5Tom Katterheinrich193862
6John Fishbeck26763DNF
7Steve Kraft278577
8Dave Travis276786
9Julie Pierce37999DNF

Lake Lansing provided its usual amusing and frustrating fluky, light breezes for this year's Lake Lansing Sunfish Regatta. While, as always, superior sailing skill and knowledge bore the proper fruits of victory, the vagaries of the winds added the element of chance, surprise and dismay into the mix.

Races 1 and 2 took place with light and variable wind, with many holes. Sunfish sailor par excellence Derrick Fries, as is customary, figured things out nicely and sailed fast, winning both races handily. Dan Norton did a fine job as well, finishing second in both races. Tom Katterheinrich pulled out a 3rd in the first race, and Gail Turluck sailed to a third place in the second race. This finish, coupled with Gail's 4th place in race 1, left Gail in good position as well. LSC sailor Jim Fletcher managed two good mid-fleet finishes, a fifth and a fourth. By the time of the start the second race the wind was dying away, and so only a single time around the triangle was sailed, following which folks sailed back to the club for the lunch break.

After lunch the masochistic fleet headed back out on to the course for still more fun(?). There was some additional breeze this time around the modified Olympic course, but the wind gods were obviously enjoying their amusing game of dice. Dan Norton pulled this race out, with Derrick Fries following behind to take second. LSC sailor John Fishbeck sailed his one good race of the day, taking third. Clearly the regatta was headed to a showdown between Derrick and Dan.

As the fourth race got underway the sky off to the southwest started to appear ominously dark. The winds for this race were all over the map, challenging even the perpetually wind-wise Derrick Fries. On the second beat up to the windward mark fate played its merciless hand. Those foolish enough to pick the left side of the course (John Fishbeck and Dave Travis) were cruelly slapped, bobbing around miserably while boats off to the right side of the beat sailed merrily up towards the mark in breeze. LSC's Jim Fletcher and visitor Tom Katterheinrich presciently sailed out to the far right of the course, where they were the first to catch the breeze as it filled in from the southwest. Jim superbly sailed to a win, followed closely by Tom. Dan Norton still managed to sail to a third place, while poor Derrick, stuck mid-fleet with the fickle breeze, managed only to pull out a fifth.

As the fleet finished the fourth race the sky became a forboding dark gray and black presence. Race committee chairman Sid Mook heard thunder, and prudently declared that enough was enough. The skippers no sooner arrived on shore and climbed out of their boats when the sky opened up with a torrential downpour, complete with a nasty taste of pea stone-sized hail. All were pleased to be under the shelter of the clubhouse and not still out on the water!

Dan's consistent 2-2-1-3 finishes and Derrick's misfortune in the fourth race gave Dan the regatta victory over Derrick by a mere point, 8 points to Derrick's 9. LSC's Jim Fletcher's glorious sail to first in the fourth race catapulted him into third place overall with 15 points. Gail Turluck also finished with 15, but the scoring tie breaking resolution gave Jim the edge, leaving Gail with a respectably contested fourth place overall.