Action at a start in the 2006 Regatta
Photo by Stephen Wagner

Lake Lansing 41st Annual Lightning "Tune Up" Regatta Results

Held May 20, 2006

Race Committee: Sid Mook, Olav Messerschmidt, Ben Dilday, Bill Davidson and Stephen Wagner.

  Number Skipper Crew Crew 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Home Club
1 15200 Tom Klaban Eric Klaban Brian Klaban 1 1 1 1 1 1-X 5 Pontiac
2 15225 Chris Jacobson Zack Bowidsh Tom Hernick 2 4 3 2 5-X 2 13 Bay City
3* 14468 Blaine Severin Julie Pierce Tom Deits 3 2 4 5-X 3 3 15 Lansing
4** 14294 Larry Koster Gary Marx Michael-Soloman Jost 4 5 2 4 2 DNF-X 17 Lansing
5 14147 Mike Moody Jamie Rasmussen Doug Crawford 7 3 6 3 7 DNF-X 26 Lansing
6 14447 Susana Tellshow Bob Miller Leif Alton 5 8-X 7 6 6 4 28 Lansing
7 14087 John Waechter Tess Waechter Carrie Houtman 8 7 5 7 4 DNF-X 31 Bay City
8 14476 Jim Fletcher Vanessa Grant Jessica Grant 6 6 9-X 8 8 5 33 Lansing
9 1502 Johnathon Ahlbrand Tom Rasmussen Tom ? 9 9 9 DNF-X DNS DNS 47 Lansing
10 indicates either DNS or DNF
Format- One Day Format, Six races with one throw-out
* Fleet 387 Transom Award
** Michigan State University Alumnus Cup

Fleet Captain's Report

The 41st Annual Fleet 387 Tune-Up Regatta was held May 20, 2006. The Lansing Sailing Club was host to three visiting boats and six home club boats. We ran a one day format (Saturday only) that included six races with one throw-out. Trophies were awarded through fifth place.

Clear skies, sun, temperatures in the mid-sixties was the weather for the day. Winds ranged from 8-12 for the morning three races, then picked-up to the mid-twenties by the end of the afternoon session. Mant skippers endoured "auto-tacks" as the wind shifted as much as 30 degrees.
As the fleet finished for the day, there was whistling in the rigging (low thirties). Race 6 saw two boats retire from equipment failures and two others capsized during down-wind jibes. Sid Mook, Olaf Messerschmit, Jim Davidson, and Neil Harrison served as race committee.

Tom Klaban and his sons, Eric and Brian from the Pontiac Yacht Club, were unfazed by the Lake Lansing weather. They scored six first-place finishes in "Overdrive".

Runner-up was Chris Jacobsen with Zack Bowish and Tom Hernick from the Bay City Yacht Club. They scored 2,4,3,2,5, and 2 for the day with the 5th place as the throw-out. They sailed in Chris's newest version of "Fastidiots".

Home crew Blaine Severin, Julie Pierce, and Tom Deits sailed "Unidentified Flying Pigasus" to third place with scores of 3,2,4,5,3 and 3. They were awarded the Fleet 387 Transom Award for best of the home fleet.

Larry Koster, Gary Marx, and M.S. Jost took fourth place in "Shigumi" with 4,5,2,4,2 and DNF on the day. Larry was awarded the MSU Cup for the best Michigan State University Alumnus in skipper position. Larry is a long-time member of LSC.

Mike Moody in "Moody's Booty" took the fifth place trophy along with Jamie Rasmussen and Doug Crawford with the scores of 7,3,6,3,7 and DNF. Mike is a long-time member of LSC.

Nobody complained about the lack of wind!

Blaine Severin Fleet 387 Captain