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US Sailing
US Sailing is the official organization for Sailing in the United States, designated by Congress to oversee the United States Olympic Sailing Team. US Sailing's mission is to encourage participation and promote excellence in sailing and racing in the US. LSC encourages all members to support sailing, receive Sailing World and receive American Sailor by joining US Sailing. You can join US Sailing on-line at or call 800-US SAIL-1.

Assigned Parking and Rack Spaces

Members will have the right to select their own Assigned Parking and Rack Space according to the following procedure:

1. Periodically, as necessary, the Board of Directors will allocate parking and rack spaces for fleet boats and non-fleet boats so that boats of the same fleet will share contiguous space. In making it's allocation the board will consult with the Fleet Captains. The Board will also give due consideration to special needs of members.

2. When an assigned parking space becomes available, members eligible for that parking or rack space will be advised by email and will have a period of not less than 48 hours from notification to indicate their interest in the parking space.

3. Of members indicating an interest in the parking or rack space, the member with the greater number of continuous years of membership in the Lansing Sailing Club will be awarded the space.

Bank Signatories

There will be be two signatories to bank accounts that may be established for the Club. The Treasurer will be one signatory and the second signatory will be either the Commodore or another member of the Board of Directors designated by the Commodore. (Adopted by the LSC Board of Directors, January 2009)

Covered Racks

New Covered Racks for Sunfish and Lasers
At the Annual Membership Meeting in November 2000, club members voted to permit special racks to be built on site to accommodate Lasers and Sunfish.

LSC will purchase and own the racks. To help finance the purchase, the member must pay four years of rack fee in the first year -- but will have five years of use -- then an annual use fee is charged.

If more members sign up for racks than can be constructed during the 2001 season, their fee will be refunded. Allocation of racks will be determined by the Laser and Sunfish fleets. Contact the Commodore if you are interested.

The racks are designed to hold the Laser or Sunfish by the gunnels. A latch system holds the boat in place. To launch the boat, a dolly is wheeled under the boat which is then lowered by the latch/swing system onto the dolly. This system makes it easy for any size person to launch their boat and takes strain off the back for a more ergonomic design. Racks will have a roof to protect boats from the elements and provide a secured locker for sails, rudders and centerboards.

Members requesting racks will be required to participate in construction of the racks. This will be in addition to the required Docks In, Docks Out, Rack Committee and Deck Duties.

Duty Obligation Policy

Success of the Lansing Sailing Club depends on members performing certain duty obligations. Lansing Sailing Club Bylaws require that every year, each member:
 Participates in docks in (except Senior Members)
 Serves on a race committee
 Participates in docks out (except Senior Members)
 Performs a deck duty

Members must meet these duty obligations to remain in good standing.

Docks-In and Docks-Out Duty
Each member participates in docks in and docks out. If a member can not be available on the dates set for docks-in and docks-out, the member should contact the Rear Commodore and arrange to perform an alternate duty. There are often Docks-In or Docks-Out tasks that can be performed on other than the designated Docks-In or Docks-Out date. Senior Members do not have to participate in Docks-In or Docks-Out.

Race Committee Duty
Each member signs up to serve on a race committee. Check the website for a current schedule, then send the Vice-Commodore an email or voicemail message stating the date the member wishes to perform this duty. Contact the Vice Commodore with questions about race committee assignments available or to sign up. LSC also attempts to post a current list of assignments at the clubhouse.

Deck Duty
Members also perform a deck duty each year. This year each member will be assigned to one of several teams. Members will perform their deck duty as part of a team effort. Each team will focus on an area of responsibility such as communications, clubhouse, docks and grounds or junior sailing. Check the ?Team Responsibilities? section for assignments and details.

Making up a Duty Missed duty obligations will need to be made up. Members can make-up a duty obligation by satisfactorily completing an additional deck duty.

Staying in ?Good Standing? Members must complete or commit to all their duty obligations by December 31st to remain in good standing and be eligible for a continuation of membership the next year.

The "Pirate List" - Keeping Track of Outstanding Duty Obligations
Members are responsible for keeping up to date with their duty obligations. The Club will assist by periodically posting a ?Pirate List? of members whose obligations are in arrears. This ?Pirate List? will appear in the newsletter, at the clubhouse, and on the Lansing Sailing Club website. If a member's records disagree, the member is asked to contact the Rear Commodore about dock?s-in or dock?s-out. Contact the Vice-Commodore about race committee duty records. Contact the team leader or the Commodore concerning the deck duty.

Mid-Year and End of Year Reminders
Mid way through the sailing season (about mid-July), the Commodore will arrange a reminder to any member with outstanding duty obligations. The Commodore will arrange another reminder shortly after docks out. These reminders will also include information on how to make up a duty obligation as well as how to seek a waiver or postponement.

Waivers and Postponements
The Board of Directors may waive or postpone a duty obligation in hardship situations such as severe illness, disability or unusual circumstance.

Use of the Club

Family Use
Club members are encouraged to make use of the Club as a family. If members want to share childcare responsibilities with other Club Members, they will need to make your own arrangements.

Equipment Storage Buildings
The two Equipment Storage Buildings contain valuable property of the Club including racing equipment. They also contain grills, tools, lawn mowing equipment and other items that could be dangerous. Please take care to see that children do not play in or around these buildings.

Sail Sheds
The two Sail Sheds are devoted to storage of member property. Please respect the personal and private property of members. Do not borrow the property of other members without their permission. Please take care to see that children do not play in or around the Sail Sheds.

Recreation Equipment
Volleyball, kites, frisbees, football and other recreation equipment has been acquired by the Club for use by members. However, please do not use this equipment around the boats. Running into a boat or hitting a boat can cause injury and can damage the boat. Take care of the equipment while using it. Be sure to put it away in its proper place when you are done.

Members and guests without an assigned parking place may use an empty parking space. However, when you do, please leave the key to your vehicle on a hook in the kitchen area. In this way, a member whose parking space you have taken can move your vehicle. We ask that all members respect the privacy of these keys.

Docks and Ramps
Remember that the ramps are very slippery. Be very careful. Watch for the seagull preventer lines on the docks and remember that the docks can be dangerous. Be sure an adult is supervising any children that use the dock or ramp area.

Members are responsible for mowing their own assigned parking space and rack area.

There is no fishing from the center and north docks. Fishing is permitted, with care, on the south dock. Please do not fish when boats are in the area of the south dock. Be sure to keep fishing poles out of the way when they are not being used. Also be sure to keep the fish hooks covered with a cork or other protector when not fishing.

Power Boat Use
Club powerboats are for use by the race committee, for clinics, or for other club activities. Children must always wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket, be accompanied by an adult and have their parent's permission.

Be sure to use your assigned parking space if you have one. Guests and members without assigned parking spaces should use guest-parking spots. Guest parking is near the road. If there are no guest spots available, use a member?s designated parking space ? but be prepared to move your vehicle if the member shows up. If you go on the water, leave the keys to your vehicle on a hook in the kitchen area of the Clubhouse so the member can move your vehicle if necessary. Please be courteous about the use of someone else?s assigned parking space. If there are no spaces available on Club property, be sure to observe "no parking" and "bike path" signs along nearby roads.

Life Jackets
A Coast Guard approved life jacket is required for each person on any boat. In addition there should be a life saving device, such as a throw cushion, available for quick use. Children must always wear an approved life jacket. LSC encourages adults to set an example for the younger group. Always wear your life jacket while on the water.

Several covered trash barrels are available near the clubhouse. Please help us keep the property clean. Keep in mind the bare feet that might step on a bottle cap or other item. We also ask that you do your part to recycle. Put returnable bottles and cans in the appropriate container.

Geese, Seagulls, etc.
Help us keep geese off the property and gulls off the docks. Avoid feeding them. Also, use care when on the dock not to damage the fishing line that is strung down the middle of the dock. These deter seagulls from landing. Where a string or rope barrier has been erected along the shoreline, its purpose is to discourage geese and ducks from being on the property (they don?t like a barrier to a quick get-away). If you move one of these barriers to launch a boat, be sure to replace it right away.

Please be courteous of others if you smoke. Avoid being upwind of others. Dispose of butts, matches, etc in the trash barrels after making sure they will not create a fire.

We ask that you not bring dogs or other pets on the property.

Launching Your Boat
When you launch your boat using the ramp, please move it toward the end of the dock so that others have room to launch. Then clear your trailer from the ramp area. When launching from the beach, members are asked to tie their boat to the buoys so there is room for others to launch from the beach.

Locking Up
If you are the last one to leave the property, make sure all buildings and the gate are locked. Also, please take a last look around to see that everything is shipshape and secure.

The swimming area is located on the north side of the north dock. Adults must supervise children at all times. Be mindful of sailboats being launched.

First Aid Kit
There is a First Aid kit in the kitchen area. If you use something out of the kit, please replace it as soon as possible.

Each organized fleet within the Lansing Sailing Club is permitted to host an annual regatta at the Club. The fleet hosting the regatta is responsible for paying for it. It is customary not to sail on days of a club-sponsored regatta unless you are a regatta participant. By all means feel free to sail when the races for the regatta day are over.

The terms of our "Special Use Permit" from Meridian Township do not permit selling anything on club property.

Guests of members are welcome. Club members are responsible for all their guests' compliance with the Club rules. Members must be present whenever they have a guest on the property.

One weekend a year, a member's guest may use the Club property to launch and use the guest's sailboat. The member must notify the Commodore or other member of the Board when a guest is going to use Club property to launch and use a sailboat. Note: this does not apply to non-member regatta participants.

Dues and Fees Index

The Lansing Sailing Club Board has adopted an index for Dues and Fees. The purpose for this is to have all dues and fees change in proportion to a change in the "Regular" dues amount. The index amount is first applied, then the resulting amount rounded up to the nearest five dollar amount. Here is the index with an example of how it is applied based on the 2009 Regular Dues Amount.

Dues Category


Index Applied

Dues Amount
(rounded up to nearest $5 amount)





Regular-Rack Only




















Associate: Kayak-Canoe




Associate: Winter




Associate: Trailering




Fees Category


Index Applied

Fee Amount
(rounded up to nearest $5 amount)

Additional Rack Fee




Initiation Fee




Payment Surcharge




Late Fee - Regular/Lake/Senior




Late Fee - Associate




Covered Rack *




Sail Locker *




In Water Rack Fee *




* Four years of fee is collected in the first year. The member pays no fee for five years. The fee resumes on an annual basis in the sixth year. This permits construction of racks and lockers at no cost to LSC.

The Board of Directors establishes fees for participation in Junior Sailing and Adult Learn to Sail.

Dues Reduction for New Members

For new members joining after July 4th, the amount of dues will be reduced by half. This reduction does not apply to fees. The reduction does apply to Associate Members who become Regular Members after July 4th. The reduction also applies to previous members reinstating their membership after at least one year. Examples:

Example 1 - Associate Membership. An individual, having never been a member before, applies for an Associate Membership after July 4. Assuming Associate Membership Dues are $150, this individual will pay $75 in Dues.

Example 2 - Associate Member to Regular Member. An Associate Member, having paid the full amount of Associate Membership Dues ($150 for this example), applies to become a Regular Member with the Regular Membership becoming effective after July 4. Assuming a Regular Dues amount of $450, the individual will owe one half of the Regular Dues amount ($225), minus the amount of Dues already paid: $50 (450/2 - 150).

Example 3 - Regular Membership with Rack Fee. An individual, having never been a member before, applies for a Regular Membership and wishes to have an additional rack space for a kayak. Assuming Regular Dues are $450 and a Rack Fee is $15, this individual will pay $240 (450/2 + 15).

Example 4 - Previous Member Rejoins. An individual was previously a member, but let their membership lapse, applies for reinstatement. If the individual was a member during 2007 and is applying for reinstatement in 2008, no reduction is available. If the individual was a member duing 2007, but was not a member in 2008, the reduction will apply for 2009.

Example 5 - Associate Membership with Junior Sailing Camp. An individual applies for membership after July 4th and enrolls their child in a Junior Sailing Camp. For this example, assume the fee for the first camper to participate in one camp is $150, plus a boat use fee of $50. Also assume an Associate Membership is $150. Further, assume for this example that the amount paid for membership dues applies toward Junior Sailing fees. In this example, the individual will pay $200. Although the dues are $75 because of the reduction policy, the Junior Sailing fee that applies is $200 ($150 for the camp fee and $50 for the boat use fee) and their reduced dues only cover a portion of the fee.

Hired Sunday Race Committee

The level of racing activity at the Lansing Sailing Club makes it impossible to completely fill Race Committees if members only fill their one Race Committee Duty Obligation. Ideally, we would like to have three people. Two on the Committee Boat and one on the Safety Boat. However, even getting each Race Committee staffed with two people has been challenging and having a Safety Boat on the water is very important.

For this reason, the Club engages persons to help us with Sunday Race Committee. The person is to be on the Committee Boat and serve as the RC Captain. This should enable us to have a member in the Safety Boat and when we have two members available to help out with Race Committee, an additional person on the Committee Boat is an important asset.

The Captain will oversee setting the course and request course changes as necessary. The person in the Safety Boat will move the marks using VHF radio direction from the Captain.

Although others on the Committee Boat may be pushing buttons, raising flags, recording results, etc. the Captain will also oversee all these aspects of Race Management.

We are also mindful that many members serve on only one Race Committee each year and many also have limited or no racing experience. By engaging a person to be Race Committee Captain, we not only help to solve a Race Committee staffing problem, but also bring consistency to the way Races are run and enables us to be more aggressive with moving marks and other activities that will make the racing better.

At the discretion of the Vice-Commodore, a second person can also be engaged to assist the Captain and to substitute for the Captain when illness or scheduling conflicts make this desirable.