Sailing Certification - Lightning Sailing

Sailors with Level 1 Sailing Certification and Lightning Sailing Certification are entitled to use Club owned Lightnings in light winds or a "gentle breeze" (up to about 12 mph with no whitecaps). Sailing in higher wind conditions requires additional Certification or supervision of a LSC sailing instructor. For Junior Sailors, adult assistance in rigging the boat is appropriate where additional strength is required as long as the Junior Sailor is giving specific direction to the adult as an indication the Junior Sailor could complete the task except for lacking necessary strength.

Remove the cover, attach a bow line, lower the lift to float the boat, pull the boat into an appropriate location for rigging it and tie tie the boat to the dock.
Using Club Lightning sails from the Sail Shed, properly rig the boat for sailing, lower the centerboard and put the rudder/tiller on the boat.
Raise the sails, untie the boat from the dock and safely leave the dock area.
Return to the dock area, bring the boat to a safe stop at the dock by turning the bow into the wind and tie the boat to the dock.
Lower the sails, raise the centerboard, remove the rudder/tiller and put them in the cockpit, move the boat into position on its lift and raise the lift.
De-rig the boat, put the cover on - then put everything away where it belongs.