LSC Sunfish Boom Sling

Here is just the ticket for temporarily raising your Sunfish Boom. Designed by LSC Club Boat Director Doug Carlson, the LSC Sunfish Boom Sling is great for new sailors because it makes it easier for the sailor to see, reduces the potential for not being able to cross the boat during a tack or gybe, among other benefits. The Sunfish Boom Sling also helps make for a nicer sail when taking your spouse, child or best friend for a sail.

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Sunfish sailor Jim Fletcher, like most Sunfish sailors, wants the boom almost on the deck for racing. But, for "cruising" and instruction, a higher boom is really nice.

The LSC Sunfish Boom Sling is very simple and easy to use. It is a short length of line with a loop at each end.

You can find a collection in the Sail Shed near the door. If you use one, please remember to put it back after you finish sailing..

Lay your mast and booms out - ready to put the mast up. Then, locate a spot about 15 inches below where your halyard attaches to the upper boom. Now, pull one end of the Boom Sling around the upper boom and the halyard.

Pull the line through the loop - capturing the halyard and upper boom.

Pull the other end of the line to where the upper and lower booms meet - and slip the loop over the end of the boom and into the notch created by the bolt joining the booms.

That's it! Now put your mast in the mast step and hoist the sail just as you usually do. The boom will be about a foot higher off the deck. Life is good. Let's go sailing.