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Front Crew Ann Siegle is calling downwind tactics while Middle Crew Sheila Troxel trims the spinnaker and Skipper George Siegle checks mainsail shape.

There are few sights more beautiful and exciting than Lightning spinnakers filying in a breeze like the ones in this picture taken by MaryHuntsman during the 2002 Southern Circuit Regattas

It's Easy To Get Involved

Crewing at LSC means getting involved in one of the greatest sports: sailboat racing. It is very competitive and great fun. To sail at a high level requires the expenditure of extensive physical and mental energy.

We would love to take you sailing and give you a chance to see first hand what crewing is like.

Come sail with us on the 2002 Season Championship boat "Fins" (shown at the left) or one of the eighteen other Lightning sailboats at LSC. You will sail with an experienced skipper - probably a current or former fleet champion. In just a few minutes you will be trimming the sail, learning how to tack - and even driving the boat if you want to.

We'll show you how to set the spinnaker and you can enjoy the rush of excitement when a gust of wind fills those 300 square feet of colorful sail. Click "Contact Us About Crewing" in the box at the upper right. We will soon have you on the water having a great time.