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Lansing Sailing Club
Adult Learn to Sail Program

Note: Click Here for Junior Sailing Information

Adults can learn to sail at the Lansing Sailing Club either by attending one of our classes or through a special mentoring arrangement. Classes are typically scheduled for Thursday evenings. The Mentoring program is an alternative that enables participants unable to attend classes to receive instruction on a schedule convenient to both the participant and instruction. The goal of our program is for participants to quickly earn the certification necessary to use LSC owned sailboats.

Program Run on Lake Lansing
The program is held at the Lansing Sailing Club and on the waters of Lake Lansing. The Lansing Sailing Club is at 6039 E. Lake Drive, Haslett, MI, on the east side of Lake Lansing.

Instructors and Mentors
Instructors and Mentors are Lansing Sailing Club members who volunteer their time to teach new members how to sail.

This program typically uses Club owned sailboats - either a Sunfish, Laser or Lightning. However, mentors sometimes use their own boat, and if the "learn to sail" participant owns their own boat, that boat can also be used for instruction.

What to Bring
Here is a checklist of what to wear and bring:

  • Wear comfortable clothing suitable for the weather conditions - and for getting wet. When using Sunfish and Lasers, launching requires wading in water up to approximately 36" deep. Also, capsize recovery is an important component of Sunfish and Laser sailing, so you will get wet.
  • Wear non-slip boat or tennis shoes with white soles to wear (dark soles leave marks on the boats). No flip-flops - secure footing on the boats is important.
  • A life jacket. Note: LSC has life jackets you can wear, but your personal life jacket is usually most comfortable.
  • A change of clothing so you can go home in dry clothes in the event of rain or possible capsize drill.
  • Sailing gloves are strongly recommended (Click Here for more info).

Check our web site at and click on "Info for Guests" in the right hand column of the home page for more information.

Registration or Additional Information
Register or get more information by contacting the Commodore. Click Here to send a message to the Commodore.

There is no cost to families that are already members of the Lansing Sailing Club. To non-members, the cost is $150 which includes an Associate Membership for the balance of the sailing season. This gives the participants an opportunity practice their sailing using Club owned boats. The Associate Membership also includes participation in other Club activities such as moonlight sails and holiday picnics.

As part of the Adult Sailing Program, the sailors work toward earning Sailing Certificates. Holding a Level 1 Certificate and the Certificate for the type of Club Sailboat the person wants to sail entitles the individual to use that Club Boat. For example, if the individual wants to sail a Club Lightning, they would need to have both the Sailing 1 Certificate and the Lightning Certificate.These certificates are not difficult to earn, and they give both the Club and the individual confidence in using the sailboat.

Sailing - Level 1 Shows that the sailor has learned the basics of sailing necessary to sail in a light wind (up to about 8 mph), including the safety position, getting out of irons, leaving a launch area, returning to a launch area, sailing to upwind or downwind destinations, tacking, gybing, recovering from a capsize, and how to tie important knots.
Sailing - Level 2 Shows that the sailor has learned the basics of sailing necessary to sail in a gentle breeze (up to about 12 mph). It builds on the skills for Sailing Level 1 that are necessary for sailing in a higher wind condition.
Sunfish Sailing Shows that the sailor knows how to rig, launch, derig and put away a Club Sunfish and related equipment. Pre-requisite: Sailing-Level 1
Laser Sailing Shows that the sailor knows how to rig, launch, derig and put away a Club Laser and related equipment. Pre-requisite: Sailing-Level 1
Lightning Sailing Shows that the sailor knows how to rig, launch, derig and put away a Club Lightning and related equipment. Pre-requisite: Sailing-Level 1

A Membership Application that includes a waiver of liability will need to be completed. Click Here for a copy of the Memberhsip Application Form.

Please contact the Commodore (Click Here to send a message)